Custom ROM Arrow OS 9.0 Pie Official Update for Whyred [24.11.18]

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Custom ROM Arrow OS 9.0 Pie Official Update for Whyred [24.11.18] ini adalah salah satu Custom ROM buatan @PopeyeRitzz  & @jadejaraj, yang dikhususkan untuk pengguna Whyred. Custom ROM Arrow OS ini, merupakan Custom ROM Pie Redmi Note 5 Pro, yang bisa kalian install di Redmi Note 5 Pro kalian.

Do with your own RISK!
Pelajari dulu untuk masalah Install Custom ROM. Jangan menanyakan "ini arb berapa?" sebab, ARB tidak berlaku untuk Custom ROM. Jika masih takut masalah ARB, jangan pake CUSTOM ROM! pake ROM MIUI DEFAULT AJA.

Changelog Arrow OS 9.0 Pie Official Update for Whyred [24.11.18]

  • Add new feature of One-hand UI Mode
  • Statusbar battery level device filter: add a few more ones
  • SystemUI: Show bluetooth battery level when available
  • Automatic translation import
  • fwb: Implement alternative device key handler
  • base: add settings for device features
  • BurnInProtection: Fix null object reference with timer
  • Do not move the multi-window divider when showing IME
  • Fix StatusBar icons tinting when in split screen
  • Framework: Remove some methods from boot image profile
  • SystemUI: Fix mCallbacks is not thread-safe
  • Synchronize mPermissions to void NullPointerException
  • Remove NotificationVisibility storage pool
  • Keyguard: Remove carrier text for disabled SIMs
  • SignalClusterView: Hide signal icons for disabled SIMs
  • Refusing to enter PIP mode when activity destroyed
  • Fix PIP media session listener for secondary users
  • Fix the behavior of keyguard bouncer in a corner case
  • SystemUI: Fixes context for tiles without longClick
  • ActivityManager: Fix display id JE issue
  • am: Fix top activity resume with secure keyguard
  • Delay blanking of displays to improve performance
  • Fix intermittent slowness in resolver activity towards end of day
  • Other changes: core optimisations, device side changes. More info can be seen on gerrit

Pastikan kalian sudah :

  1. Unlock Bootloader
  2. ROOT
  3. Menginstall TWRP

Cara Install Custom ROM Syberia OS di Whyred

  1. Download file .zip nya (file CUSTOM ROM dan GAPPS nya)
  2. Pindahkan file Custom ROM dan juga file Gappsnya ke internal Storage kalian
  3. Back up semua data yang memang dirasa penting
  4. Matikan Smartphone dan masuk ke TWRP kalian
  5. Pilih pada Wipe > Advanced Wipe
  6. Centang pada : Cache, Dalvik/ART, Data, System
  7. Kemudian Swipe to Wipe.
  8. Setelah selesai, tekan back
  9. Pilih pada Install, dan cari file .zip Custom ROM nya.
  10. Pilih pada Add More zip, dan pilih pada Gapps.zip
  11. Terakhir, Swipe to Flash/Install dan tunggu hingga selesai.
  12. Reboot Smartphone kalian setelah selesai.
  13. Finish

Download : 

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